Lord of the Shopping Bags

Apart from Paul’s grandparents and his sister, I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. I’ve spent the past few days mostly fiddling with Premiere, editing 2+ hours of animal footage from the Kruger National Park holiday I went on with Paul and his family back in July. An hour long DVD is going to be my present for Paul’s parents.

Anyway, after editing the film together in Premiere and enduring the 10 hour rendering time, I’m now currently playing with Sony DVD Architect. G introduced me to the programme and it’s fantastic. It seriously is a professional DVD creation tool, allowing for animated chapter selections, music playing while menus are on the screen, and it is even possible to insert a little introductory logo or copyright notice before the main menu loads up.

Today (Wednesday), I received my Christmas present from Paul. Or, rather, I chose it and will have to wait until Christmas Day to see the presents again. I’ve been needing new casual-wear sneakers for a while now, and today Paul and I spent pretty much the whole day on a quest to find a pair of takkies that I like. The quest included stops at Springfield Tekkie Town, all the factory surf shops along Stanford Hill Road, and Gateway.

We were successful in Gateway, but along the way, a secondary mission developed. I’ve been looking for a quality rash vest / steamer for ages. While we were in the Lizzard store in Stanford Hill Road, I found a really nice blue long-sleeve vest, but despite being Extra-Small, it was a man’s and so did not sit skin tight under my breasts.

At Gateway, there were no women’s long-sleeve rash vests, but there was quite a nice turquoise Roxy short-sleeved one, and Paul surprisingly added it to my Christmas present. Then again, he might just enjoy looking at women in skin tight clothing, when they are wet and obviously cold ;)

The expedition actually didn’t turn out to be too much of the razor-blade swallowing ordeal it usually is. Although, it did start out that way when initially all the size 5 shoes I tried were too small, and all the size 6’s too big.

But we overcame that hurdle, and Paul himself benefited when he found a new pair of baggies to replace his old ones which were too big for him. Of course, later in the day he reminded me of my promise months ago to buy him a new pair of baggies when he bought me my new bikini. I don’t mind. The purchase balances out what he has spent on me, with what I have already bought.

Otherwise, Paul is out tonight with the boys at Burn (Garth of the old crowd is back from the UK for Christmas), getting pissed no doubt, but hopefully behaving himself. I really don’t mind if he goes out on his own; I just like to be told about it beforehand.

Tomorrow is the 15 December and according to the 10-days-before-Christmas rule, that means we’re going to go and choose our tree from a nursery in Kloof. My father and I always push for a 1.8metre or taller tree. We justify it in terms of all the decorations it needs to hold. It’s unfortunate that my sister is away in Cape Town at the moment. It means that it is up to my mother and myself alone to decorate the tree. It’s something of a break in tradition, but that can’t be helped. I haven’t been successful in swaying Paul to come and help. Boys and their lack of festive spirit.

Oh, and university marks are apparently out tomorrow. When I’ve seen how I’ve done, I can update my CV for the job search to come in the new year.


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