Better Days

This blog is developing a severe case of bipolar disorder. After how down I was feeling yesterday afternoon, the rest of the weekend was actually very nice.

Just before I headed down to Paul’s place on Saturday evening I bumped into Ian on MSN and it was great to have a chat. I’m sure he was similarly relieved to find someone online. Anyway, I’ve decided that from now on Ian is going to be known as Sankey Claus because of his generosity- he even generously topped up my airtime for me.

At Paul’s, G and Shirley were there and it was nice to see them too. I’m really happy that Shirley is now at a place that recognises her design talent and actually treat her like a human being. The EvilCorp experience, I think, tends to leave a bitter aftertaste in terms of believing that there actually are good companies out there. As another bonus on Saturday evening, we got out of watching Top Secret, and instead watched several episodes of The Family Guy. I really love that show. Plus, late in the evening, I opened up to Paul about how I felt upset, and missing out.

On Sunday, although we were a bit worried about the strength of the breeze, we headed down to Brighton Beach on the Bluff. We spent a good few hours tanning, chatting, splashing around in the high tide and watching a heron fishing in the surf. Then we had ice cream in the car. When we got back to Paul’s place in the afternoon we watched Walking Tall, some more The Family Guy and, before dinner, tried a few sessions of Quake III multiplayer (that damn outerspace stage that all the boys love). Although we didn’t fit it in, we have a challenge going in terms of the Berlin stage of Battlefield 1942 / Desert Combat. I am adamant it is the one stage I can beat Paul at. He disagrees.

We rounded off the evening, having seen 50 First Dates, with some old episodes of Futurama. Really, there is nothing better than 30 minute long episodes of an animated series to cheer you up. That, and a boyfriend who notices how you are feeling and makes an effort...


Gareth said…
I'm glad its going better for you Nelly :)
Shirley said…
(general topicless rant, disregard previous comment in previous entry)

Stupid mac didn't refresh to this post. ARGH!
Gareth said…
Doesn't make Shirleys comment on the previous entry any less valid.

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