More Car Drama

At 3:35am on Wednesday morning we were woken by the sound of barking dogs and a revving souped-up engine. My father rushed outside to find a gang of car thieves attempting to steal his old Jetta, which for the past year and a half has been parked outside the garage.

In a panic my mother and I called the police. As we were phoning my father came back inside to say that the thieves had sped off in their little white / yellow car, leaving the Jetta at the bottom of the road. Its battery was dead (ironically it was supposed to go in today for a new one), and the thieves hadn’t been able to start it.

Within 10 minutes the police had arrived to check things out, and patrol the area. But by that stage it was all over.

I’m still a bit trembly over the whole incident. I just hope that this second incident in 3 months (my car radio was stolen a little while ago) will clue my parents up about home security. The Jetta needs to be sold. It can’t sit on the driveway tempting any thieves who go past. Since Sunday the car had been foolishly positioned directly at the top of the driveway, facing down towards the gate- all the thieves had to do was cut the gate lock and roll the Jetta straight down the driveway.

We also need sensors covering the whole driveway area. And most importantly, we need to keep the outside lights on at night. Thieves love the cover of darkness.


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