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Well, Honours is over. Yesterday I did my presentation, and although I was the only person who talked without a PowerPoint Presentation, I did ultimately end up feeling pretty confident about my project as a whole. A number of people had clearly rushed their assignments- they were making grand statements about South African society and consumption based on surveys of a grand total of 10 people. What a representative sampling of South African society.

Anyway, now I wait until towards the end of December for my marks. As for my plans for the future, I’m not rushing into the job market just yet. I’m certainly updating my CV, but I have assorted little projects, both for money and passion, to occupy me for December and into the New Year.

Oh, and everyone go out and buy the December edition of South Africa’s PC Format. In it you will find a new gaming mag called GEAR. And in it you will find a column written by moi. Of course, I have yet to see what it looks like. I’ve been promised a free copy in lieu of payment, but it has yet to arrive. And PC Format is one of those annoying mags in a bag, so I can’t exactly flip through a copy at CNA. I’ve been scouting the PC Format and NAG forums for comments on the new mag, but so far, nothing!

In other news, last night (Tuesday), we had something of a celebratory / social dinner with myself, Paul, Gareth, Denbeigh, G and Shirley. We met up at The Butcher Block at Buxton’s Centre in Durban. If you’re ever looking for a steak in Durbs (there is another BB in Pinetown as well), the Butcher Block is the place to go- a big 300g rump for R48, with as much chips and veggies (butternut, baby potatoes and creamed spinach) as you can eat. All chatting halted once the food arrived, and considering everyone was stuffed by the end, all further talk was restricted to groans and the usual ‘That was delicious’ commentary. Of course, being Durban after dark, there isn’t really much to do after we had finished eating, so we all went our separate ways by 9:30pm. But it was a very nice evening.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we’re going to do something for Warren’s birthday at the Pavilion in the evening. The famous bowling/Milky Lane social evening has been postponed to this coming Sunday. And I’m really hoping to squeeze in a movie this weekend.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens on Thursday, but I think we’re saving it for Half-Price Tuesday. I’m so looking forward to it though. I’ve been rereading the book (currently on pg.200 or so) and it’s great, especially when Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince are still so fresh in my memory. A lot of things fall far more easily into place. As for the film, I’m really looking forward to the Quidditch World Cup, and seeing Voldemort in the flesh for the first time.

Noelle out.


Dante said…
Congrats on the Honours and the mag thing, Nice

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