The Smokey Weekend

Most of this weekend, I’ve smelt like smoke, thanks to the 2 braais we had.

Friday evening was braai-less. Paul and I, along with my sister, her boyfriend, and my father went to see The Burning Bush, the play at my mother’s school. We go to the Benjamin Pine school play every year, and this year my mother was co-producer. Anyway, you’ve got to love school musicals that have happy, catchy little choruses like ‘Kill kill kill kill, kill all the Hebrews’.

On Saturday we went to Paul’s place and spent the day working on our Honours projects. I finally organised my Forum Users survey questions and put them online. I really hope that people take the time to actually complete it. And I’m bracing myself for the little shits who either refuse to take it seriously, completing the survey with utter garbage, or try to appear all ‘cool’ and ‘heavy’ and produce utterly false responses.

I also finished reading Snow Falling on Cedars again on Saturday morning. In just over 24 hours I had re-skimmed the entire 460-page novel, which I’m going to be tutoring for the next 3 weeks. It really is an excellent novel for anyone who hasn’t read it- a little romance, a little courtroom intrigue, a little crime mystery and a whole lot of community prejudice…

Anyway, Warren and Robin came over to Paul’s on Saturday evening and we had a braai (gorging ourselves on honey glazed pork rashers, wors and lambchops). After that we played the Settlers of Cataan board game, but the shortage of wood, which is a vital commodity to do anything in the game, meant the game dragged on for hours. Granted we ended up looking at some funny clips and goodies on Paul’s PC, but we got into bed on Saturday at 2:30am.

On Sunday we headed to Paul’s cousin Micah and Penny’s new place (right by Billy the Bums) for a family braai thing, and to see their new pups, a deaf dalmation called Silent Bob and a scrawny Dogmatix-looking mongrel called Jay. Micah’s wooden practice sword was out, and it immediately triggered in me the desire to learn kendo (Japanese fencing) or some other sword-fighting martial art. Micah has a lot of connections in the Durban martial arts community so he’s going to check out where the assorted schools are.

I think I’m going through one of those ‘I want some interesting hobbies / pursuits’ stages. It seems like a good idea to expand myself in some way, particularly doing something physical. Next year, I’d rather scrounge around a bit doing assorted things while I look for a job that I both want and is rewarding. I’m certainly not saying ‘Yes’ again to the first company interested in hiring me.


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