I feel the need to clarify some things in my last post, seeing the strong criticism I received.

A) I was writing when I was feeling particularly down and brooding. A day later I have a cold, a burnt mouth and incredibly stiff legs (damn lunges). But despite that, a blog is to vent your personal thoughts and feelings.

B)I maintain that I can’t work a fulltime job for a company for R5000 again. I’ve already done it (and at a Godawful dictatorial company as I’m sure Ash and Shirlz will agree). For one thing, it’s a question of quality of life- an 8 to 5 full time job for that amount isn’t worth it. It’s a waste. For another thing, it’s fine and all that if you’re living at home, but when you’re at that age when you want to move out; have some independence; have a real career underway, the money is woefully inadequate of you don’t have a second income coming in, from a partner or room mate. A one-room rented place (apartment or granny flat) ranges from R800 to R2000, depending on the location. Say a month’s transport costs you about R1000. Then deduct about R500 on tax. On average that leaves you with about R2300 for food, medical aid, car payments, insurance, unpredicted expenses, luxuries, savings, and maybe water and electricity if they are aren’t included in the rent.

For the record, sub-editors at Independent Newspapers earn at least R7000 a month. First year teachers at government schools start at R7500.

C) I’m a Capricorn. Say what you want about horoscopes, but as far as my star sign goes, there are certain characteristics that are spot on in terms of my personality and ambitions:

‘Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, a source of extreme self-discipline and seriousness: Capricorns are inclined to be hard-working, determined, and cautious. These traits can make you the most practical and reliable of all signs. They can also make you so cautious that you can’t act spontaneously, causing you to miss opportunities and making it harder to have fun’.

I am ambitious, and I desire and am drawn to success. Recognition is also very important to me. That’s what is so exciting about the upcoming writing opportunity. There’s the potential for the public sphere acknowledgement I’ve always craved. However, I’m also an over-cautious Doubting Thomas. Until I have the project physically in my hands and can grasp what it means, I can’t acknowledge it as a personal achievement. There’s too much uncertain in the interim.


Gareth said…
A) Fair enough. However, the point is to get to a mindset when you don't go spiraling into black depression when facing relatively minor challenges. You got that upset because you had to deal with some paper-pushing beaurocrat to get your hands on your free R20000-odd, money thats already been approved? Lifes gonna throw some serious shit your way, you need to develop some thicker skin to survive.

B)For one thing, it’s a question of quality of life- an 8 to 5 full time job for that amount isn’t worth it. It’s a waste.

Really? Wow. Nice one, telling the people who work in those circumstances that they're "wasting their time". Could you possibly get more haughty? I really hope you mean because you can earn the same/more on your own, per hour, because otherwise... Who the hell is paying you R30 per hour while you sit around on your ass? Sorry lass, but you are draining resources just by living moment to moment. Earning money isn't a waste, unless you could be earning more some other way. Anything is more than 0.

While I was doing my Masters in Comp Sci I was going to deliver pizza for Scooters to cover my petrol expenses. Cause I don't sweat cash :p. I got a better job offer from a mate, but otherwise I would have been wearing that damn overall. Your time is worth nothing on its own. 0.

And even if you can't make it out on your own, you can contribute to the family. Sooner rather than later people are going to stop giving you money for scoring 90% on your essays on post-colonialism, and then what?

And thanks for pointing out the maths eh :|. I have been there, I do understand.

How many sub-editors is their space for? What they earn doesn't change the reality of the much smaller pool of job opportunities. Competition is much fiercer, and opportunity scarcer. If you cannot accept that and work to make it anyway, you simply dont have what it takes.

Think of it as a test. A much more significant one than any you do at Varsity.

C) A planetary body doesn't determine how self-disciplined you are. End of story. >:(. Dammit, take responsibility, for your life, your emotions, your mindset. Or don't, and destroy yourself from the inside out. The fact that you are a Capricorn doesn't mean you have to be this way.

Come on Nelly, shake this nonsense off, you're better than this, get up and fight dammit.

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