You know, it’s interesting thinking about relationships and the difference age makes to them. I ended up at a 15 year old’s blog the other day and I was confronted with all kinds of ‘Oh woe is me’ whining about broken hearts, and half-baked Love poetry with a capital L. I like to think that Shakespeare wiped out Romeo & Juliet for that same reason- they annoyed the crap out of him. The much older Antony and Cleopatra, with their cross-dressing and sexual games, who also end up killing themselves in error, are a far more interesting couple.

And then there’s watching Gareth with Denbeigh. That relationship just seems so much more relaxed, and comfortable, free from hormonal teenage angst. As a sidenote, Gareth in a relationship reminds me of my bachelor uncle who got married last year. There’s that exact same kind of personality change from a brooder to a light-hearted, smiley, physically affectionate (dare I say cuddly even) guy. That’s a compliment BTW.

It all makes me extremely glad to have been a late bloomer in the relationship stakes. I’m not ashamed to say that I had my first proper kiss at 21. So that pushes other non-solo experiences after that as well.

It just seems to me that entering relationships when you’re older is so much better.

Of course there’s a point where too much baggage has accumulated, but with age, (generally) there’s less confusion, you known yourself a bit better and there’s not an issue if you want, or don’t want, to do something. Things can progress at your own pace because there are no bug-eyed school friends pestering you about progress, or parents breathing over your shoulder. Plus, being older means there’s spending money, and independent transport which is a huge advantage.

Overall, entering the relationships scene when you're older just feels better, and makes more sense.


Gareth said…
Although a part of me wants to disagree with you, to say "nuh-uh, no woman can change me", you are entirely right. My relationship with Denbeigh brings out the best in me. Honestly, I'm a better man. Its a wierd feeling. I feel both stronger and more masculine, but at the same time calmer and gentler, kinder. Less bothered by small things. And yes, you can say cuddlier :p. I am not one who is shy of showing affection in public. ;)

And you are also right about the adult thing. We talked about it, and the big factor in how quickly and easily our relationship is moving is the fact that it is very "adult", not in the porno sense :p, but in the sense that there isn't any wierd bullshit, no mindgames. Open, honest, affectionate. We've become really comfortable around each other, very quickly.
Dante said…
I think teenagers sound all mushy all the time because they take it to seriously. They keep saying that it is their first relasionship and all that important jazz. But in the end it is not your first love that counts. It is your last.

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