My Tomb Raider cosplay: location shoot finale

As promised a few weeks back, here is a selection of pics from my Tomb Raider 2013 cosplay photo shoot, which took place while I was on vacation in Mozambique in September.

I've already mentioned this but it's been a very long time since I've fangirled as hard as I have over the new Tomb Raider game (I'm writing fan fiction, for God's sake!), and apart from cosplaying at this year's rAge Expo, this photo shoot was the culmination of a project that started as this back in March, and proceeded to evolve over the coming months.

The following is a selection of pics from the photo shoot. The complete gallery can be found on Facebook here.

At this point I must say a huge thank you to friend-photographer-art-director-extraordinaire Shirley Berko of CuiZine (on Twitter here) who humoured me and got up before dawn on her much-deserved vacation to shoot the following.

You won't believe it from the way some of these shots mimic scenes from the game exactly, but she hasn't even played the reboot.

And a couple of behind the scenes shots:


Johann Pollard said…
Awesome work! Worth every drop of sweat, it looks like you had a blast!
Jesse Fantos said…
Hey love your blog! Thought you might like this funny gaming comic on the latest Tomb Raider.

Gaming Web Comic -Tomb Raider

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