Role-playing in the coastal cities this weekend

Never played Dungeons & Dragons but want to? Never role-playing game'd before but want to try it out? Want to meet new people or find a new game? Then come along and join in the fun.

Alright, I did steal that little intro blurb from the Facebook event page of the Role-playing Game Association of Cape Town (RPGA Cape Town), but I think they'll probably forgive me.

You see, people who live in the South African coastal cities of Cape Town and Durban, and secretly harbour a geeky interest in pen-and-paper role-playing games - but have never quite known how to get into the pastime - are in for a treat this weekend. This Saturday, 20 February, both cities hosting "Introduction to Role-playing" sessions. These sessions are completely FREE, and OPEN TO ALL. The only thing you need to bring is yourself, lots of enthusiasm and some concentration.

It's all about growing the local gaming community, y'all!

Event: Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (heroic magic-infused fantasy)
Date: Saturday, 20 February, 2010
Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: RW James Building Room A, Upper Campus of the University of Cape Town.

Event: Learn to Role-play Cthulhutech (demons & madness in a futuristic sci-fi setting)
Date: Saturday, 20 February, 2010
Time: 10:30am - 3:00pm
Location: Destiny Bookstore, Windermere Centre, Windermere.

For the record, a very good way to keep up with role-playing events, at least in Cape Town and Durban, is through the blogs of Phaezen and Jatori respectively.


VhailorZ said…
you should check this link out (, seriously. Playing D&D on Microsoft's Surface!!

...just imagine!!
Dante said…
Going to try and be at the Cape town one. Thanks for letting us know!
jatori said…
Hey, thanks for the spreading the word :)

Shall we be expecting you this Saturday?
Pfangirl said…
Hey VhailorZ, thanks for the link. That looks so sweeeeet:)

Dante, glad to be of service. I hope you can make it and I hope you find it useful.

Jatori, it's my pleasure although I have no idea how effective I am at word spreading. I'm 95% sure I'll be able to make it this Saturday. See you then.

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