Durban Game Day cancelled

Earlier this week I did my bit to promote tabletop gaming and pen-and-paper role-playing in the coastal cities of South Africa. You see, both Durban and Cape Town were hosting "Learn to play" gaming events for anyone interested in taking up role-playing games.

Unfortunately I have to report that the Durban event, "Learn to Role-play Cthulhutech" has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict regarding the venue. You can of course still pitch up at Destiny in Windermere Centre on Saturday morning, but you're likely to be confronted by hordes of pimply Yu-Gi-Oh! players instead of some much more mature, definitely much more sophisticated *cough cough* role-players.

Capetonians, please note that your Dungeons & Dragons-themed Game Day event is definitely still happening tomorrow! That's Saturday, 20 February.


Dante said…
I am still looking forward to the cape town meet. Not sure though if I have enough time to start a weekly game but will still go to learn some and have fun.
Pfangirl said…
I hope you enjoy it, Dante:)

I know how difficult it can be to do the weekly session thing. You really need a reliable group of committed people else it will never work.

You may find that for now these kind of once-off sessions every so often work well for you.

Anyway, please let me know how it went, and what you got out of it.

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