Sexy Wonder Woman cosplay

I'm a relatively quiet, contemplative person but I do love an opportunity to dress up and slip out of my skin for an evening. Those of you who visit these here parts regularly will know that I especially enjoy cosplay (evidence here, here and here).

And this past Saturday there was a high-profile costume party to prepare for - the annual Sex & Candy, this year held at the surprisingly upmarket Empyre nightclub in Durban North. Although Empyre is admittedly situated a bit out of the way in terms of the established Durban club scene (and the crowd who used to attend the old S&C's parties at Burn), this year's event really deserved more support than it received, given that the whole thing was far less grungy and disorganised than previous years, and the dance floor music was fantastic mix of commercial and alternate rock.

Anyway, I'm naturally shy so this year's costume was a personal challenge to overcome my insecurities... particularly in terms of having my lower body on display (I was overweight through my teens). Inspired by a combination of this pic and the character's 2012 costume change and reboot, I created a raunchier spin on Wonder Woman's look. Yay for the power of insulation tape. Yay for the power of exercise 6 times a week. And yay for the power of double brandy & Coke.

P.S. Here's a pretty awesome clip of Wonder Woman applying the smackdown to her evil alternate universe counterpart, Superwoman, in Crisis on Two Earths.


Patski said…
OMG you look fantastic
Patski said…
Was this outfit really worn to a nightclub if so your an amazing woman
Anonymous said…
Was looking for awesome Wonder Woman and found this and had to say that's incredible

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