See you later, South Africa. Good morning, Vietnam

As of today there will be a blogging lull for a fortnight because I'm taking a much-needed break, heading off to the East for the very first time in my life, and vacationing in Vietnam for 2 weeks.

The next few weeks of Friday Cinema Releases have been scheduled and will appear here as usual, but in my absence, why not revisit the major posts of the past few months (see below)?  

Till then, xin chào y'all.

Features, News and Opinion pieces:
Warrior bears and the Mists of Pandaria
RIP Michael Clarke Duncan
Batman rebooted!
The Dark Knight Returns... to DVD in 2 parts
25 movies to watch in 2012 – July to December
Calling all Joburg geeks: It's ICON 2012 time
Get ready for Durban International Film Festival 2012
A bad week for Batman fans
Comic fans, expand your collection now

Film reviews:
The Expendables 2
Brave (3D)
The Cabin in the Woods
Magic Mike
The Dark Knight Rises
The Woman in Black
The Amazing Spider-Man (3D)
The Dictator
Men in Black 3

Trailer profiles:
Oz: The Great and Powerful
Red Lights

Girlz 'N' Games comics:
The Super Friendzone
History Rewritten
From Fringe to Centre
"Guuurl Gaaamer" bashing

Fun & miscellaneous:
Sexy Wonder Woman cosplay
Midweek motivational quotes... courtesy of Superman's dad
Motivational quotes in popular culture: Kung Fu Panda
Happy blog birthday, Through the Looking Glass


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