Movies out today, SA!

It's become a massive time-consuming schlep trying to provide detailed descriptions of every new movie hitting South African cinemas on Fridays. So instead of stressing myself out in an attempt to get the info up while directors and account executives gnash their teeth over my shoulder, from now on I'll just be focusing on the 2 films that are most likely to capture the movie-going public's attention (and my own).

First up, perfectly timed to capitalise on the school holidays is the third film in the CGI-animated Ice Age franchise - Ice Age: Age of the Dinosaurs. I have to admit that I did find the trailer for this one considerably more amusing than the second film's preview, but I'm very wary. Next to Madagascar, Ice Age is my least favourite animated franchise, largely because I find most of the characters incredibly irritating. Manny, Diego and Scrat (of course) are exempt, but everyone else, especially Sid, jeez...

Ice Age: Age of the Dinosaurs is out in conventional 2D as well as 3D, so expect lots of gimmicky pointing and running at the camera. The film is sitting on 36% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, so parentals and animation fans, it's apparently worthwhile bracing yourself for a mediocre 90 minutes.

Knowing, meanwhile is a sci-fi thriller about a professor (Nicholas Cage) who stumbles across a piece of paper scribbled with numbers that accurately predicted 50 years of disasters, with a few more to come. Thing is, the numbers are running out, suggesting a catastrophe of world-ending proportions.

Knowing comes from director Alex Proyas, the man responsible for such moody cult classics as Dark City and The Crow, and the much more commercial, glossy I, Robot. Unfortunately my fondness for Proyas' work is counteracted by my frequent distaste for Nic Cage, so I'm not exactly squirming with excitement in my seat about this one.

Knowing is 32% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I know one of my favourite movie bloggers Nat from The Film Experience was not a fan at all. General consensus is that the film falls apart near the end as its foists a ridiculous ending on the audience.

Out of interest, the other 2 films opening in SA today in limited release are crime comedies, The Brothers Bloom (63% RT Fresh) and the more action orientated Next Day Air (19% RT Fresh).


Shirley said…
Oooh, the Knowing poster is one of mine. It's not the final one, that one was done in the beginning. I was forced to put Nic Cage's puppydawg droopy pouty annoying face on the SA release.
Pfangirl said…
You mean something like this one?
Shirley said…
Gawd, no, but wow, that face is even more pouty than the pic I had to work with o_O

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