More great poster design: Hellboy 2

Some nice new posters have been released for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army - which I'm hoping will be superior to the first film, especially since director Guillermo del Toro is dabbling more with fairy tales and earthbound mythology than schlock sci-fi this time around.


Empire Online, meanwhile, has posted some individual character banners. You can see the full set at the link above, but here are the 2 coolest character designs - an evil elf type and the Angel of Death:

Hellboy 2 is out sometime between August and December in South Africa.


Gustav Bertram said…
What's wrong with scifi?
Pfangirl said…
Oh, nothing at all.

I was just thoroughly enjoying the first Hellboy until right near the end where portals started opening and monstrous tentacles began crawling through. It really spoiled the movie for me in terms of how overblown it was.

Given how well Del Toro handled fairy tale elements and more traditional fantasy in Pan's Labyrinth, I'm hoping Hellboy 2's move in a similar direction, will be just as well done.
Joe Heart Films said…
Hay i dont think you have anything to worry about:) According to the awesome trailer ive seen and reading some reviews it seems Del Toro has opted for the more "earthly" fairy tale mythology, especially for his creature design. going by what the reviews say, it seems the story is pretty good too! Cant wait!
PS i think Del Toro is going to make one HELL of a "Hobbit" movie (excuse the pun:))

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