I need another weekend

Not that I didn’t have a break this weekend but the 2 days just seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. I’m so glad there’s a long weekend coming up in 2 weeks’ time, even if it’s already pretty packed with activities...

Friday evening was spent gorging on braai meat and potato salad, followed by maybe 30 minutes of World of WarCraft, which was about all the gaming I accomplished the whole weekend. I can practically taste Level 58, I’m so close! Pity a warlock quest with really nice rewards means I have to gather together a group for the Sunken Temple dungeon. Ho hum…

Most of Saturday was spent making the trek inland to and from Nottingham Road. In the process I got to read The Goon graphic novel Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr Wicker, by Eric Powell. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read The Goon series of comics (or the collected trade paperbacks from Dark Horse) because Chinatown fills in probably THEE vital piece of Goon backstory, without bothering to reintroduce the characters.

For those of you who don’t know, The Goon is an award winning, cult comic series. It focuses on a brutish looking, buck-toothed enforcer in a Depression era city. However, the Goon is about more than mob battles. Zombies, led by the mysterious zombie priest, have moved into town, which in turn has attracted all kinds of monsters, ghouls, occult figures and even a mad scientist or two.

Basically The Goon offers something a little different if you’re sick of masked superheroes: the series combines plenty of violent action, a twisted sense of humour (early on in the series, a pining Anne Rice-style vampire is strapped to the hood of a car and set alight) and an anti-hero with a strong resemblance to Sin City’s Marv.

Chinatown is probably the darkest and most serious of the Goon stories so far. In fact it even begins with the disclaimer “This ain’t funny.” Beautifully drawn by Powell, Chinatown is a brisk, enjoyable read. The only drawback though is that the novel may in fact be too brisk. Powell is not one to drag events out, which, although admirable, saps the story’s mystery of a leisurely build-up which would make the final revelation more rewarding. Quick plot pacing also means you don’t become as concerned for characters’ fates as you should – for example, if the hero is being tortured on Panel 1 of a page, by the last panel he’s free and dishing out revenge with his monstrous fists.

Still, if you’re a fan of The Goon, Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr Wicker is a good, important read.

On Saturday evening we went to the Sharks vs. Blues Super 14 match. I don’t know if I can go to many more matches if they’re that stressful... For some reason The Sharks seem to have adopted Top Gun as their advertising gimmick this year. So fighter jets are slapped all over the programmes and “Danger Zone” is frequently played in the stadium.

“Danger Zone” is an appropriate choice! After an excellent, high energy first half, the Sharks did their falling asleep “Let’s just defend” act in the second half of the game. It almost cost them the match. All in all, their performance reminded me of the old Top Gun cartridge game, where after a mission you would receive stars on the side of your aircraft. Saturday’s performance was definitely a 2-star, maybe 2-and-a-half-star at the most. But, hell, I’ll take victory in whatever form.

Sunday involved trekking inland again, this time to Midmar for a day at the dam with friends. Our aspirations of swimming around and playing Frisbee didn’t materialise; instead all our energy went towards braaing, overeating and vegging in the shade. It actually was a fantastic day, with good company and perfect humidity-free weather.

When we eventually got back to Durban, the rest of Sunday unfolded as usual, in preparation for the week ahead. I managed to catch bits and pieces of The Last King of Scotland. It looked really good from what I saw; I must remember to tape it when it’s on TV again in the coming weeks.


Dante said…
This will probably come of as me crushing on you but...

In one weekend you, Played games, Read comics, went to a sports game. I didn't know they made women like you. :p

Sounds like you had a awesome weekend. I worked. :D YAY Me.

On a side note... Man it was a bitch to land that plane in top gun. And refueling? forget about it. The first stage was a blast though... *sigh*

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