Bookended days

Proofing. A fat pile landed on my desk on Friday afternoon and that same fat pile greeted me this Monday morning. A bookend to the weekend. You need to understand that there is nothing that plunges me into an obsidian-black mood like extensive proofing jobs do. If you ever wanted me to submit my resignation post-haste just load me with error-saturated 6 page+ brochure after brochure. Oh, and then tell me that every single one of them is “Urgent.”

Otherwise I was in a pretty good mood on Friday. Payday with bonuses. And Paul and my 4 year anniversary – which we celebrated by splashing out on a seafood platter at CafĂ© Fish. Given our planned overseas trip (in fire-stripped Greece!) in 21 days time, we didn’t do anything extravagant in terms of presents. Paul bought me a Hugo Boss Woman fragrance and I bought him… well, it’s sitting still at Take 2’s Cape Town office, waiting to be dispatched. It should arrive sometime this week.

Anyway, on Saturday Paul was off doing tech support again, so I headed down to the Pavilion to do some shopping. As a reached the mall, my car started doing something completely inexplicable – every time you shifted from 1st into 2nd gear, it stalled. Not shuddered as if you had accidentally made the jump from 1st to 4th gear. Just instantly dead. However, there were no problems restarting the car at all. My mother and I rushed our shopping – With car problems on my mind, I was in no mood to casually browse.

When we started the car up again to head home, it worked perfectly. And it’s been running fine since, even with all attempts to duplicate the stall conditions.

Back home, I did some admin filing, sketched a little, read a bit more of The Golden Compass (gotta be ready for the film’s release at the end of the year, given that the trailer gave me Narnia-style shivers of excitement!). I'm really looking forard to seeing the whole personal "daemon" concept visually realised. Anyway, once Paul was back from the farm, we played a game of Settlers of Cataan with Robin.

Sunday was pretty relaxed, with lots of World of WarCraft. I just seem to spend more time in the auction house than actually running around the expansive environments, overdosing on accumulating quests. Although, we did finally head up to Ashenvale forest to kill some Night Elves. And given some of the impressive looking beasties that roam Ashenvale, it’s highly likely my Level 23 Hunter will be recruiting a new pet next weekend.

And that was the weekend. Remaining on my to-do-list for the trip is organising Foreign Exchange and a rain jacket of some kind. I was thinking of buying my own digital camera although I may be able to borrow Paul’s family’s spare, which would be a nice saving...


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