The Painful Price of Pride

Murphy's Law. The minute you start bragging about how tough you are, you go and get hurt. Wednesday night’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, when it came to the grappling, was a bit of a disaster. It was frustrating submission after submission for me, where I was unable to get into a position where I could put a single learnt technique into practice.

Anyway, Chantelle got me into an armlock from a mount position, called a Keylock Armbar. You can visit this link for a written explanation of how to perform the move, but here are some pics I found online that demonstrate what happened to me.

Smart Noelle decided she could take it… and my elbow made an unusual popping noise.

It’s slowly coming right now, but I still can’t stretch my arm out completely straight or bring my right arm up to touch my right shoulder. It’s too bloody sore. I’m confined to mid range movement until the tendons return to normal. Micah has prescribed ice packs and rubbing on Voltarol Emulgel 3 times a day. He also smiled when he said ‘Welcome to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.’


By the way, I've had at least 4 people ask me how I can talk openly about anniversary presents here if Paul reads my blog. He doesn't. He's as anti-blog as he is anti-forum, because of the hassles both arenas of electronic expression have caused to friendships and relationships in our social circle.

Anyway, I'm still idea-less... It looks like Paul might just have to wait a while for his anniversary present, unless I present him with a gift pack of meaningful smaller gifts.

Oh, and work on Thursday was interesting. We went on a tour of East Coast Radio to see how the station functions, and what promotional options they have available for advertisers to propose to their clients. We even got to go into the studio and meet Damon Beard, and Margaret from South Africa’s first ever Big Brother, who were on the air at the time.


Bronwyn said…
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Bronwyn said…
Thanks for the clarification Noelle :-) (er, yes, I was one of those people who asked why you openly discuss anniversary gifts)

Ah, ECR radio... as much as it used to annoy me at times, I do miss it now.

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