Paul speaks... quite eloquently

G and I have posted the following on Noelles blogg in response to all the hassles and would appreciate it if it is left there.

As for things and events noelle and i have missed I chatted to G about it, if people are upset they must say somehting. Imagine getting married and not talking to your partner about issues you have, it is a recipe for disaster.


Who ever reads this blog at some stage, needs to understand that the two boyfriends in this situation didn't have a clue as to what is going on. We both take offense to what has been said. I do not relish in the thought of sending money and helping others just to laugh at their missfortune in their time of need and have no way ever thrown it back in their face.

We both would appreciate it if the three people involved would settle their differences off line and if they would like to debate important matters, that they do it off line in a private copacity.

We both dont need this shit in our lives and I hope it will be resolved before next week end, as I would like to see all my friends before I go overseas.

This is not targeted at anyone, it is being sent to all involved.


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