Your Monday morning earworm

Right, this isn't exactly new, but it does a pretty good job of summing up my life at the moment... I'm behind on my blogging, I've stressed myself sick for the second time in a month and I seem to playing (and failing) an endless game of catch-up in related to my to-do list. So yeah, if you're at all in a similar situation to me, here's a little something fun to hopefully take your mind off things...

Anyway, meanwhile this past Saturday I put a new spin on my previous Tomb Raider cosplay (here and here), by going as veteran adventurer Lara Croft to an Over the Hill themed 30th birthday party. How awesome would it be to have the new game series cover Lara's entire career - from its start on her twenties all the way through into retirement? That would be ground-breaking for a female video game character.


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