Trailer Tuesday: Rush

I'm not into cars... at all. A vehicle just has to be reliable and get me from A to B. I'm not thrilled by the speed and power, or impressed by brands. I'm bored with racing games within 10 minutes. And I leave the room whenever a grand prix is on TV. It's all a big fat yawn to me.

This said, I am excited for biographical racing flick Rush. Directed by Ron Howard, Rush centres on the real-life rivalry between champion Formula 1 drivers James Hunt - a hard-living British playboy played by Chris Hemsworth - and Austrian Niki Lauda, portrayed by Daniel Bruhl. Olivia Wilde and Natalie Dormer also star.

Although the International Trailer makes the film look more formulaic than the high-octane Feature Trailer above, Rush certainly seems to offer a few hours of slick, stylish entertainment. Set during the 1970s, the film has an enticing throwback aesthetic, and refreshingly centres on an an exciting (if morbid) era in motorsport when drivers lived hard and raced hard - facing as they did daily the high risk of death. Of course, the sexy young cast doesn't hurt the film's prospects either. Yum.

Rush releases in North America on 20 September. The film is currently set to open in South Africa on 4 October.


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