Girlz 'N' Games comic #114: Life of Die!

Originally posted on my web comic, Girlz 'N' Games.

Sidenote: My new strip went up yesterday on the dedicated comic site and Facebook, and it's proven to be most popular effort ever - next to the "notorious" Christmas 2010 comic, but that was for entirely the wrong reason. So I'm pretty stoked people like #114, even if it's pretty unforgivable what Lara does to everyone's favourite imaginary tiger, Hobbes. Thanks for all the shares, likes, retweets, links, etc. They're very appreciated.


I'm sure you're all a bit Tomb Raidered out by now, so this is intended to be my last comic on the subject... for now anyway. There are likely to be some one-shots/single panels in the near future. Mostly though I am just really tired of dirtying up Lara every time I draw her! Anyway, I imagine Life of Pi would have been a much shorter movie if a certain young archaeologist had climbed onto the life raft.

P.S. I always hated having to kill animals, especially the exotic, endangered ones, in the Tomb Raider series. I'm proud to say I got through the new game with a grand total of 10 creature kills, if that - and most of those were in response to wolves and boar that attacked me.


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