Trailer Tuesday: Vamps

When it comes to the big screen, we've had scary vampires, romantic vampires, sexy vampires, emo vampires, corporate vampires... but not many intentionally funny vampires. Vamps looks set to change that.

This horror-laced romantic comedy reteams director Amy Heckerling with her Clueless leading lady Alicia Silverstone and centres on a pair of female vampires - Krysten Ritter is the other one - who are beginning to grow weary of their vapid party and pleasure-orientated lifestyles in New York City. After over a century of dating they're still looking for something more meaningful. But when they find it, clearly it won't be without sacrifice... especially since one of the love interests (Downton Abbey's  Dan Stevens) is a Van Helsing.

Vamps doesn't look game-changing, but there's nothing wrong with some fluff every now and then. (Just as long as it's not as irritating and forced as Heckerling's last effort, I Could Never Be Your Woman). There are certainly some nice little comedic touches in the Vamps trailer - like the characters texting each other from matching coffins a metre apart - and the film features a surprisingly strong supporting cast, including Malcolm McDowell, Wallace Shawn, Justin Kirk, Kristen Johnston and, most importantly, Sigourney Weaver as an alpha vampire creator.

Having screened at a couple of film festivals earlier this year, the word on Vamps is currently... alright. Women have tended to be more impressed by the film, citing this one as a very positive take on female friendship, and much more than what it looks like in the marketing material.

I'm certainly game for some light-hearted vampire-themed escapism.

Indie production Vamps opens in limited release in North America on 2 November. The film's South African release date is unknown.


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