Fun for Monday: The BAMF Girls Club

There’s a new comedic web series right up my alley… and I’m positive it will amuse other pop culture addicts reading this post (if they haven’t already discovered it). Introducing The BAMF Girls Club!

Already 4 episodes in, The BAMF (acronym for “Badass Motherfucker”) Girls Club imagines a realty TV series where some of the greatest fictional heroines of the past 2 decades are forced to share a house – and just one bathroom.

I’m sure you can imagine the comedy gold of Buffy, Hermione, Lisbeth, Katniss, Michonne
oh, and Bella Swan – all living under the same roof. Some of these ladies get on like a house on fire (Katniss and Michonne for example) while others remain perpetual outsiders. Personally I have to say that Michonne remains the most BAMF of the lot, while the biggest laughs so far have come from that antisocial, personal boundaries-defying Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Enjoy!


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