Midweek motivational quotes... courtesy of Superman: Earth One

So, I just finished reading J. Michael Straczynski's standalone 2010 Superman graphic novel Superman: Earth One. Until I have time to write a full review I'll just say that the thing that most struck me about this "relatable" 21st Century take on the Man of Steel is the dialogue.

Straczynski puts some powerful words into the mouths of characters... particularly sage soldier-turned-farmer Jonathan Kent. Not only do the following quotes penetrate right to "core" of Superman - what he believes in; what he stands for in the minds of Metropolis residents and readers alike - but even transplanted from a comic context to our reality, they're inspiring. Enjoy.  

"When we say I won't take this anymore, that's when we know who we are and what we'll tolerate. Until we're tested, we don't know those things. That's when we wake up. That's when we know who we are. That's when people will show up and take your side... when you decide what it is you stand for, when standing is the hardest." - Jonathan Kent, Superman: Earth One

"Life was meant to be lived full measure, flat out, pedal to the metal. Don't live the rest of your life like a Porsche that never leaves the garage because somebody's afraid to scratch it." - Jonathan Kent, Superman: Earth One

P.S. Maybe memorable quotes from popular culture should become a regular feature on this blog.


Chris2.0 said…
Cool idea & thanks - something else I have to put on my ToRead list!

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