History rewritten in Girlz 'N' Games comic #103

Originally posted on my web comic, Girlz 'N' Games.

Several months down the line and The Iron Lady is still one of my favourite films of 2012 (the movie released locally in February). The touching but controversial biopic was nominated for 2 Oscars – Best Actress, Best Make-up – and won in both categories, but I couldn’t help imagining a very different kind of film if its makers had been inspired by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (itself based on the alternate-history-mash-up novel of the same name).

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has already paved the way for a now-in-development movie that depicts Isaac Newton as an ass-kicking, counterfeiter-busting detective (yes, seriously!). And given the fact that Hollywood these days can’t even wait 5 years to reboot a franchise, well, I don’t think a new, more commercially-minded Maggie movie is out of the question.

P.S. I would totally watch Margaret Thatcher: Undead Eradicator, as well as it sequels Coal Mine, Cold Flesh and I-R-A-Zombie.

P.P.S. I really enjoyed drawing this week’s strip.


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