Last Dictator Standing: The Meal for 6 Festive Promotion

Just a little flame-grilled chicken fun for Monday morning...

Last week Thursday, a number of South African bloggers and Twitter users across the nation, myself included, were visited by a voucher-bearing "special guest" - Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

Alright, it was a lookalike - minus the little strip moustache and about a foot of height - but it was all part of a nifty little social media / promotional stunt for Nando's new festive season combo meal... as well as the darkly humorous, dictator-filled commercial used to punt it. (And you know I have no problem with pitch black, politically incorrect humour).

Anyway, you can watch the TV ad here. On the same site South African Twitter users can also learn more about a competition that is running until this Friday, 2 December. There are daily meal voucher giveaways and 3 people can win a festive meal for 6, prepared fresh in your home by a chef. The competition is exclusive to SA residents, and entry is only possible via Twitter. So get tweeting!


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