Girlz 'N' Games Comic #94: Three Easy Steps

This new Girlz 'N' Games comic is based on a true - or soon to be true - story. You see there are certainly advantages to remaining a multi-format gaming household when there's only one TV and one Xbox to share. And at times this need to share may even trigger some serious *ahem* generosity.

Anyway, I'll definitely have to write up a full Batman: Arkham City review soon, because I've been having such a blast with the game. I know many of the guys and gals in my gaming circles have raced through the game, since moving on to Uncharted 3, Skyrim and the like, but I've really been savouring the Arkham experience. Sure the game is a little overwhelming at first, dropping you into the cordoned off "prison city" with pretty much every gadget and upgrade you had by the end of the game's predecessor... and barely a tutorial in sight as you free roam around the entire area. However, you soon get used to things, and my God the combat is even more fulfilling this time around. Hands down, the greatest strength of Batman: Arkham games is the degree to which they make the player feel like they're the Caped Crusader - a fluidly moving, complete badass!

As a sidenote, my apologies for the lack of updates lately. Life has been rather hectic. It's worth mentioning though that during the past month Girlz 'N' Games' trio of lead characters appeared in another South African webcomic, Zombiephilia - which forms part of the gamer/geeky site 925 Rebellion. Check out the "special guest" strip here.


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Stephen Donn said…
I'm still waiting for arkham city on pc :( 2nd of December they tell me...

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