True Blood: Season 4 trailer

The official trailer for Season 4 of HBO TV series, True Blood made its online debut last week, giving fans a taste of what's in store this year.

Loosely based, and I mean very loosely based, on Dead to the World, the fourth book in Charlaine Harris's The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Season 4 will likely be most notable for introducing witches to the supernatural mix at the heart of this saucy, Louisiana-set drama. Of course Wiccan waitress Holly appeared in Season 3, but this time magic - particularly necromancy - plays a much more central role.

Personally, and without giving anything away, I'm curious how faithful Season 4 will be to its source material. Dead to the World is probably one of the most popular of Harris's books, given certain *ahem* long-awaited events that occur in it. I'm sure many fans, like myself, are apprehensive about what will makes the transition from the printed page to the small screen. This is an especially big concern because, since Season 2, True Blood has sprinted off in its own narrative direction, occasionally picking and choosing bits from the novels. Season 3, for example, had resolved the werewolf and kidnapping issues so central to Club Dead within the first 7 of its 12 episodes.

I'm also curious to see whether True Blood still has bite. The show returns to US screens on 26 June. Will fans still flock to it, or has the fang-toothed novelty worn off a bit...? Especially as True Blood is now competing against other new, massively popular literature-to-TV adaptations like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. What are your thoughts?


The first season was really fun, it was something new and a new take on the vampire genre.

The second season was a bit of a dissapointment. I found the Mary Ann (I believe that's how she was called) storyline rather boring, but not because of the story itself, but the way it was told.

The third one... Well, it had its moments when I thought "True Blood is back!", but then I was dissapointed again as it had some moments that I couldn't believe I was still watching it. I swear I wanted to burst out laughing, it was so bad.

I never read the books and I don't think I will. I love reading, but I haven't even read the Dexter books, let alone the True Blood ones. I'm not really pumped for this new season, as the season 3 finale was kind of a letdown, but I'll probably watch it from beginning to end.

The only real show that's having a WONDERFUL and OUTSTANDING first season is "Game of Thrones". I just LOVE the way it's being told, the characters, the storylines, the production... Everything.

"The Walking Dead" was ok... They should've kept more comic book stuff as the comic book it's kinda entertaining (although some of Kirkman's dialogues are just plain awful), but I didn't hate it. And I certainly didn't love it beyond the pilot.

I've been following you on twitter and I just find out you have a blog. It looks interesting, so I'll surf through it a lil' bit. :)
cassey said…
The trailer did it's job, I'm looking forward to season 4.

I had watched seasons 1 - 3 before I read the books, and yes, they're different, but I don't see it as a problem. It'll only turn into a problem for me if they skip the Sookie and Eric storyline. It is possible to love the novels and the tv show, you just need to accept that it's two very different mediums.
cassey said…
Typo: the trailer did its job, not it's. I really need to remember to reread comments before hitting post.

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