Trailer Tuesday: Fright Night

Some of you may remember classic, darkly comic 80s horror film Fright Night? I certainly was tormented as a child every single time I saw the poster in my local video store. Well, the movie is the latest genre hit to be given the remake treatment.

The trailer for Fright Night 2011 suffers from a serious case of over-revelation (talk about killing all potential ambiguity upfront), but it lays out the plot basics. Star Trek cutie Anton Yelchin is high school senior Charley Brewster, who has finally cracked the cool crowd and is dating one of the hottest girls at his school (Imogen Poots). However Charley's hard earned reputation goes out the window when he becomes convinced that his charismatic new neighbour, Jerry (Colin Farrell), is actually a vampire.

Another horror remake, you say? God they're such pointless rubbish, you mutter? Well, I still think Fright Night deserves a mention... largely because of its surprisingly impressive cast. Along with man-skank Farrell being perfectly cast as a decidedly non-emo, non-sparkly vampire, Toni Collette plays Charley's skeptical mother, Christopher (Superbad, Kick-Ass) Mintz-Plasse is Charley's dorky best friend, and recent Doctor Who David Tennant is the Las Vegas magician Charley turns to for help in battling the supernatural menace in his life.

Admittedly Fright Night looks like a lot like Disturbia, but it could still have potential in its own right. Maybe.

Surprisingly not defanged for teen audiences - the film has just landed an R-rating for violence and sex - Fright Night has nonetheless been shot in 3D to, no doubt, cash in on the format craze. Even if the film doesn't need it.

Fright Night opens in the United States on 19 August. The film's South African release date has yet to be announced.


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