Geeky Fun for Monday: Roll a D6!

Parodying Far East Movement's Like a G6 is this clever little tribute to the appeal (and embarrassment) of Dungeons & Dragons as a role-playing game.

RPG players will no doubt find little things to nitpick over - like why a wizard is equipped with a ranger's bow and quiver, and why there is so much excitement over rolling a D6 (6-sided die) when a D20 (20-sided die) is your campaign-making and breaking die (yes, yes, I know they had to use "6" because of the original track being spoofed). This said, the makers' hearts are clearly in the right place, and a few gripes aside, there's a lot of good, amusing attention to detail demonstrated in the clip. This applies particularly to the importance of caffeinated soft drinks and sugary snacks during a late night role-playing session.


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