Pop culture and gaming geeks unite! Vote "Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass" for this year's SA Blog Awards

A hearty thank you to everyone who nominated Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass for Best Entertainment Blog in the 2010 South African Blog Awards. Your votes secured me a spot amongst the top 10 Entertainment Category finalists - which was really my goal all along, in the hope it would boost general awareness of this blog. Thank you.

Anyway, the final voting stage runs from 1 - 17 September and you can vote multiple times during this period (as long as it's not more than once every 24 hours). Please vote for me by clicking on the banner below or selecting my blog off the list on this page. For the record, anyone, anywhere in the world, can vote.

Vote for this Blog

This said, please be aware that I have no delusion of winning. Although some "impartial" judging takes place to supposedly reward quality over quantity, the SA Blog Awards is predominantly a popularity contest - and in that regard I know I can't compete. Again, it's not that it really matters seeing as there is no prize other than the title "Best Entertainment Blog in South Africa" and the bragging rights that go with it.

Plus, in all honesty, the annual SA Blog Awards seem to have been a disorganised disaster this year, for the most part. The awards site is frequently broken, category descriptors have changed during and after the nomination process (leaving some finalists completely irrelevant in their category), promised communications to nominees have yet to arrive, and evidently the list of finalists wasn't even vetted - there are blogs there that haven't been updated since last year, as well as links to blank pages with security warnings. A royal, sloppy fuck up! Even if these awards are for fun, the process should still be professionally and properly handled if they want proceedings to appear remotely credible.

These gripes aside, achievements always look good on a CV, and seeing as blog writing is a career I would love to make my mark in, I'm willing to flirt with disaster for a few more weeks if it boosts my reputation in the long run.

Back in early August when nominations opened, I outlined why I think you should vote for me. Just to build on those justifications, if you look at my fellow finalists, you'll see I'm the only (or almost only) blog run by a single person. Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass is not a collective effort and it doesn't have a major media entity with all kinds of sponsorship connections and marketing teams behind it. This is my blog - my baby of 5 years - and it's a lone personal effort, updated daily Monday to Friday. So yeah, you can think of me as the little underdog standing up against the corporations who are being all corporation-y.

Also, any vote for me is a vote with geek pride. I've said it before but Pfangirl Through the Looking Glass is probably South Africa's top entertainment blog covering all things pop culture geeky: movies, gaming, role-playing, superheroes, comic books, 80s nostalgia and fantasy across all mediums. This blog may not generally provide up-to-the-minute news on these topics, but what I offer instead (I hope) is informed, insightful and intelligent commentary - widening people's knowledge in these areas. I want to introduce people to new things; sparking in them the same excitement and enthusiasm that I feel about the subject.

I know I can't beat my fellow Best Entertainment Blog finalists in terms of popularity but dammit, if this competition was solely about quality writing I would stand far more confident with the belief that I could win.



Tim said…
Personally I feel the idea of running this as a popularity contest sucks, but thems the rules, so I'll vote as often as I can remember to. And anyone feeling in a generous spirit, please vote for my sister's blog: expandasign.blogspot.com in the marketing category.
Pfangirl said…
Hey Tim, thanks for commenting. I did the daily voting thing as well, although my nods towards expandasign and many other of my fave blogs seemed to be the "kiss of death" as far as their winning was concerned:P

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