Nostalgia time for children of the 80s

A few weeks back I posted up a pic of my DVD collection. In keeping with the personal pop culture over share, I thought I'd post up these photos of my old action figures. Right now they're hauled out every time my 3 and half year old cousin comes to visit, but I don't see these guys ever going to charity. Underprivileged kids can have my old stuffed animals, but my action figures... well, these are being saved for my kids one day. Rather the ThunderCats, Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles and late 80s/early 90s Disney animated movies than all that Ben 10 and Hannah Montana rubbish.


Riaan said…
Woah! Nice collection!

hmm.. *Wonders if I can find my old He-man action figures...*
Dante said…
That is a orsm collection.

I have to add though, If I was a kid right now, i would totally be into ben10 myself. A kid that can turn into ten aliens each with their own weaknesses and strengths? Where do i sign up!
MJenks said…
Color me jealous.

I could have done a lot of good for my father/son and father/daughter relationships if only my parents hadn't dumped all my GIJoe, Transformers and He-Man toys off on cousins that I don't like and probably have never met.

And, there's also the toys that my brother pawned for marijuana money.

Pfangirl said…
Riaan, I think I had one He-Man action figure when I was little: Teela.

Dante, OK, I had no idea Ben10 had those powers. That's pretty cool. I thought he was just some kid who ran around with alien sidekicks and a fancy watch.

MJenks, I know so many people who have had their old action figures given away without their knowing. That may in fact even be the plot of Toy Story 3;) As for passing things on to other family members, I'm dreading the day when all my Beano and Dandy comic annuals go to my little cousin.
Dante said…
Noooo the watch makes him turn into the aliens. He can also only last in alien form for a short while and then there is period of time where he is unable to change what the watch recharges somehow.

Uhm... or so i am told... *whistles*

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