A decade of DVD collecting

So my parents have put their house on the market, and along with decluttering, preparations for upcoming Sunday afternoon show houses included hiding valuables as a precaution against sticky fingered prospective buyers. As a result my DVD collection was gathered together from various shelves and stacking places... and I thought some of you might be interested to see what a fantasy fan, animation lover, geeky girl and child of the 80s has acquired over the past decade. Spot any of your nostalgic faves?

For the record there are a few DVDs missing from this pic (they're out on loan to friends), as well as a few glaring omissions (The NeverEnding Story, Back to the Future I, II and III, Willow, Top Gun and The Secret of NIMH off the top of my head) that I will purchase when I have my own place, and no longer have access to the collections of other family members.

Out of interest, my collection started in 2000 when I won a DVD player courtesy of a phone-in competition on Barry Ronge's Screenplay TV show. Remember that one, South African TV watchers? "Scintillating!" For internationals, Barry Ronge is the South African equivalent of Roger Ebert.) Anyway, the DVD player is probably the highest value thing that I have ever won. Fitting for a film fan.


Smithers said…
Lord of the Rings - Check!
Indy - Check!
Blade Trilogy - Check!
Narnia - Check!
Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - Check!
Watchmen and Batman - Check!

How can this be? Do my eyes deceive me?
Where are the other two Matrix DVDS??
Pfangirl said…
What are you talking about, Smithers? They never made any more Matrix movies after the first one. They decided to leave things on a brilliant note, instead of soiling fans' memories with 2 diabolical sequels;)
Wow! You've got an awesome collection. TFBB+OFD= <3 :)
Brandon said…
Nice collection. I notice a lot of BBFC labels... do you import a lot from the UK or are a lot of UK releases simply sold in ZA?

If you ever want to see the collection of an esoteric elitist/obsessive-compulsive collector... http://red.escee.com/dvds
Pfangirl said…
Thanks for the comments, guys. I know my collection isn't massive... just solid. But I like to think it's about the quality over the quantity.

Brandon, that's an awesome collection you have there - it includes some real classics:) And lol, I don't think it's too elitist or esoteric at all. South Park's there for goodness sake.

As for your question, South Africa is a Region 2 DVD zone like the UK and Europe. Although I have imported some hard-to-find titles from there (and bought them myself when I was in London), there are a good chunk that appear in SA stores without having their packaging and certification system changed to the local equivalent.

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