Free fantasy fiction for Monday

A little while ago, I posted up the first 2 parts of a fantasy story based on my new Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying character - Elora the half-elf warlock. Well, it took me a little while but I stuck to my personal challenge of producing a my first ever complete piece of fantasy fiction, and I'm proud of my efforts.

So here, for your Monday work procrastination pleasure, is the 26-page story for complimentary download:

Have a read and then let me know what you think in the Blog Comments below.

For the record, in case you are wondering why the character of Elora is so "emo," well, that was kind of the point. After my last D&D character - a selfless, emotionally simplistic half-elf paladin by the name of Herkon, I wanted to craft and play a character who was entirely self-involved and prone to pity parties.


Tim said…
Enjoyed reading this ... lots of DM hooks >:} <---Evil smiley
Pfangirl said…
Oh, I think something like this story is a dream for a DM. I guess I'm making up for Herkon the Paladin having pretty much zero hooks.
Gareth said…
See, this is why the path of the Wizard is better than the Warlock : Less demon rape. More papercuts though.
Pfangirl said…
Warlocks: We like it hard!

You wimpy wizards don't know what "rough" means;)

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