Movies releasing for SA's Easter long weekend

The 4-day Easter Long weekend kicks off in South Africa tomorrow - and as a result I'm going to be AWOL from this blog, taking a break, until Tuesday morning. Happy Easter, everyone!

Anyway, considering Friday is a public holiday, the vast majority of new movie releases are actually hitting cinemas today (Thursday) - and there's a lot of them. Of the 7 or so new movies, the notables include local racing-themed action flick, The Race-ist; Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, the second film in the acclaimed Nanny McPhee family fantasy series (which I'm unfortunately unfamiliar with); live action Ben 10: Alien Swarm, based on the wildly popular animated TV show; and The Cove (96% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), this year's Oscar winner for Best Documentary Film - which focuses on secret dolphin slaughter by Japanese fishermen.

Of these films, The Cove interests me the most but I seriously doubt I could handle a viewing, given the emotionally devastating subject matter. That then leaves only one other new release this weekend that I would probably consider watching at the cinema... even if it was really just the case of me being dragged to see it. Either way, I'm sure The Bounty Hunter will be being very popular with South African audiences this weekend. Out of the new releases it is surely the undemanding piece of fluff that will score the most at the box office.

For the record, The Bounty Hunter is an entry in that very unusual movie sub-genre: the odd couple action-romantic comedy. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler play a divorced couple who are forced together when he - a bounty hunter - is sent to capture her - a reporter - after she jumps bail. Thing is, Aniston's character is on the trail of a murder cover-up, and as she gets closer to the truth those involved become determined to kill her... and the ex at her side.

The Bounty Hunter is a pitiful 8% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently there is no chemistry between its leads, the film is poorly acted, it's woefully unfunny and frankly fails to satisfy in one single area - so yeah, watch this mediocrity at your own risk. Personally I think this movie would be so much better if Butler was a giant, bushy bearded viking throughout.


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