It's here! UPCON 2010 for Gauteng gaming-loving geeky types!

Just a reminder to all geeky, gaming-loving types in Gauteng this weekend, the first of South Africa's 3 annual gaming and comics conventions takes place this weekend (10 April - 11 April) at the University of Pretoria Conference Centre.

UPCON is the annual Pretoria con, and events, activities and attractions there this year include:

  • Tabletop Wargaming
  • Magic: The Gathering card gaming
  • Legend of the Five Rings card gaming
  • L5R Kotei card gaming (never heard of this one!)
  • Vampire card gaming
  • Roleplaying (organised by the "Hobbit" - you'll know her when you see her)
  • Assorted Anime activities
  • Cosplay competition
  • Several exhibition stalls: Outer Limits, The Underground, Exclusive Books, Novva Gaming, Legion Ink.
You can read more about UPCON 2010 here on the convention's Facebook event page.

Just one thing to note though is that if you want to get your gaming con fix on this year, UPCON is one of the few places to do it. Joburg's ICON convention, the biggest in South Africa, currently does not have a date for 2010, due to clashes with the 2010 Football World Cup, and more particularly its Final. Whether it goes ahead or not, I'm sure ICON will not be at full attendance strength this year.

This then just leaves UPCON in Pretoria this weekend, and DragonFire, Cape Town's gaming con, which normally takes place in August, on the weekend closest to the National Women's Day (9 August) public holiday.

So pick a con, mark your calendar, go, have fun and show your solidarity with the role-playing and table-top gaming communities of South Africa.


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