Amusements for Monday: Clash of the Titans and Comic Book Cheesecake

Technically I'm not here. It's a public holiday in South Africa tomorrow (Tuesday), and I've been treating myself to a 4-day long weekend. I'll be back blogging bright and early on Wednesday, 28 April. However, in the meantime, here are a few bits and pieces to keep yourself amused in my absence.

1) As you may recall in my Clash of the Titans review, I bemoaned how many interesting characters seemed to be underutilised, and the film was disappointingly Greek god-lite. Well, now it all makes sense. This spoiler-heavy article reveals exactly how the original screenplay and filmed version of Clash of the Titans was drastically altered in the reshoot stage. And it fills my heart with sadness at the thought of what was lost. Although I know chances are slim, here's hoping that one day there will be a Director's/Original Screenplay cut of Clash of the Titans 2010, much like Richard Donner's Superman II (a fascinating read by the way!).

2) Anyway, still on the topic of Clash of the Titans, I'm sure you all remember those hilarious "This is Sparta!" Photoshop jobs that started popping up online when 300 was released. Well, now there are dozens for Clash of the Titans and "Release the Kraken!"

3) Finally, via the Onelargeprawn blog, I came across this very cool, very saucy collection of male superheroes and 80's fantasy heroes depicted as curvaceous women by a pair of Argentian (I think) artists. Despite being a straight woman, I still can't resist a "Roawr!" For the full set of pics, head here to PortalComic, but please be aware that the pics prior to 2007 tend to be of the borderline NSFW variety. Damn hot though, and beautifully done. Commence paint and pixels perving!


MJenks said…
I still can't get over Zeus demanding that the Kracken be released. Where the hell was Poseidon?

Also, is #3 a case of Rule 63 (I think that's the one...)?
Pfangirl said…
I think the lack of Poseidon in the released film was a very good indication that there were severe changes somewhere during the production process. Especially when you have a a recognisable "name" actor like Danny Huston playing the god, and he appears mute in the background of one scene during the entire movie.
MJenks said…

Wait, I thought Poseidon was in the first scene, where he raped Medusa. Was that it?

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