The War of Art giveaway: And the winner is...

First things first this Monday, entries closed at midnight on Friday, 8 January for The War of Art book giveaway on this blog.

As regular readers of this blog will remember, a few weeks back I posted a Questions and Answers session with The War of Art author, acclaimed novelist Steven Pressfield. The blog entry ended with a chance for one lucky reader to win a copy of The War of Art, also known by its full, more explanatory title, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles.

I received a grand total of *ahem* six entries, and literally drawing a name from a hat the winner was Gareth Fouche from Durban, South Africa. Congratulations, and thank you for making it so convenient to get the prize to you!

For the non-winners, and anyone now interested in the powerfully motivational, quick-to-read book, I still recommend you get hold of it. Online shopping seems to be the way to go to procure it, and if reading isn't for you, you can even download the book in MP3 format.


Mrs. Fiennes said…
Congrats to Gareth Fouche! :)
Dante said…
I forgot to enter. Stupid stupid! :(
Pfangirl said…
Thanks for the comments, guys.

Yup, Dante, you should have entered. With just 6 other entries you stood a very good chance of winning. The odds were in everyone's favour.
Gareth said…
*Does a victory lap*

Thank you, thank you. The book was quite enjoyable. It didn't lay it on thick and was the type of book you can read in an afternoon.

But the points it made were good, I spotted a number of the Resistance behaviors in myself. And the section on how a professional acts in pursuing a goal versus how an amateur goes about it really hit home for me.

Thanks Noelle and Steve :)
Pfangirl said…
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book, Gareth. Hope it helps you with your creative projects.

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