Writing, work and WarCraft...

Well, my weekend played out pretty much as I predicted on Friday. Writing, work and WarCraft...

I spent most of Saturday trapped inside (away from the glorious sunshine), working on the Novagen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu website. This is just a temporary design until I unleash a proper designer, cutter-upper and web programmer on it. However, I do think it's a vast improvement in the meantime...

On Saturday I also had a long chat with Paul in Chile, via Skype (which I'd never used before, having stopped using chat programmes 2 years ago). What can I say other than that today's communication systems truly are a Godsend for keeping in contact when you're continents apart?

*Raises a glass to the Internet and text messaging*

Speaking of raising glasses, it turns out that Paul had a late, boozy Friday night (I received an SMS at 7am - 2am Chile time). Then it was my turn on Saturday night, consuming 3-4 glasses of wine after a family braai.

Let's just say that playing World of WarCraft tipsy isn't the best idea. This said, I did get my warlock up to Level 18, and she now has a big blue voidwalker minion to distract opponents while she layers on the Afflication curses.

Speaking of WOW, my copy of the Burning Crusade expansion arrives today. I'm thinking of starting up a Blood Elf Paladin, and basing him on my Thursday night D&D character. I might as well create a third character seeing as I'm not supposed to be playing with my orc hunter while Paul is away - we work together as a little team, you see.

Speaking of the troubles of couples' MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) gaming, in case you've never seen it, this 2004 comic from Penny Arcade sums up the issue brilliantly. There's also this very amusing news entry, which reveals the stresses of grouping with a mining character, or a herbalist for that matter.

In unrelated news, I've been very slack when it comes to TV watching lately - why veg on the couch when I can do something "pro-active" and level my WarCraft characters? However, this weekend I caught the trailer for The Tudors, which starts on MNET this Tuesday evening at 21:30. Starring studly Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the series focuses on King Henry VIII's early years - the beginning of his reign, the political intrigue, and, of course, all his lovers and wives. Yay, more sexy, R-rated history! Could this be my replacement for Rome? Guess we'll find out soon.

And in case you hadn't realised it. we're now officially less than 2 months till Christmas. I have no idea what I'd like for the 25th December, or even my birthday 2 weeks later, but I've decided to be organised this year in terms of my family's gifts. So I'm writing idea lists. I already have something for my mother, and on Friday evening I ordered Paul's present from Amazon.co.uk. Giggedy giddey! Online shopping is so the way to go!


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