Magnificent X-Men: Days of Future Past posters

20th Century Fox seems to be really upping their game in terms of marketing material for the few Marvel Comics film adaptations that still fall under their umbrella. And they're doing this by getting all artistic-like.

First there was the beautiful teaser poster (see below) for this year's The Wolverine, which mimics Japanese calligraphy and/or brushwork. And now they've made up for the awful copy-paste laziness of the X-Men: First Class posters (check out here and here) with some wonderfully simple but powerful character posters for sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Of course, the incredibly ambitious X-Men: Days of Future Past  - a time travel plot AND the huge merged cast of mutants from First Class and the original X-Men trilogy - deserves its own full blog post. And that will certainly be coming once the film's first proper trailer is released. For now though, just marvel at the cleverness of these creations.

Oh, and here's that Wolverine poster for good measure.


Anonymous said…
I'm actually pretty excited about this film. The Wolverine was a lot better than expected and the mass hysteria that ensued after the mid-credits scene at the screening I went to shows that there is a LOT of interest in Days of Future Past. My only concern is that the old cast might end up overshadowing the new cast...but other than that, I can't wait!

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