Lose your heart to Oscar nominee Paperman

The 2013 Academy Awards are now less than a week away. And while Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress seem to garner the most media attention, I'm always emotionally invested in the Best Animated Film categories - Feature Length and Short.

For the longest time, growing up I wanted to make animated movies, and I still love cartoons as an entertainment medium. I've watched half of the 10 Best Picture nominees but all 5 of the Best Animated Feature Film contenders.

Anyway, last week, for the briefest of time before 3 of the 5 videos were taken down, it was possible to watch all the Best Animated Short Films online. Fortunately - though I have no idea how long this will remain available for - you can still watch the charming Paperman from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Combining both traditional hand-drawn animation and its computer counterpart, this sweet black & white short tells a tale of romantic destiny amidst the sour-faced rat race of 1940s New York.

I had the pleasure of watching Paperman on the big screen before Wreck-It Ralph, and it's 100% worth a viewing - particularly if you adore the heartfelt expressiveness that is unique to animation. Watch it now.


Mikey Nathan said…
This was an awesome short. Loved it. Beautiful drawn, intelligent and heart warming.

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