Girlz 'N' Games Webcomic #109: Online Etiquette... Downton Style

Originally posted on my web comic, Girlz 'N' Games.

Sorry for the large gap between comic updates. I've just started a new day job and I'm still adapting to its demands.

Anyway, apologies aside, this comic was admittedly inspired by PVP's recent strip centred on much loved British costume drama Downton Abbey. I'm certainly a fan of the TV series. It's just such wonderful (mostly feel-good) escapism, removing the viewer from frenetic, crass contemporary life and plunging them into a world where manners, rules and appearances are paramount. Could you imagine if online discussions regarding gaming - or, more specifically, women and gaming - were just as "proper."

P.S. There were a lot more characters I wanted to introduce to the conversation thread depicted in this comic. Alas, the likes of Thomas and Mrs Hughes (one of my faves) had to be chopped to prevent the strip becoming too unwieldy.


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