Hey Hollywood, here is your Wonder Woman

Something a little different this Tuesday, taking a break from movie trailers...

If you are one of the 50 people who had the sense to watch John Carter this past weekend, then you would have been staring at American actress Lynn Collins, who plays a half naked Martian woman - the scientist warrior princess, dutiful daughter and protector of her people, Dejah Thoris.

Now Lynn Collins is one of those actresses who looks different from every angle, and in every film - geeky types may remember her as Wolverine's true love, Kayla Silverfox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now of course, contacts, make-up and grooming shaped Collins's look in John Carter, but my first thought on seeing her onscreen was "By Hera, it's Wonder Woman!"

Raven locks. Striking blue eyes. Solid in physicality and facial feature. As equally comfortable with sword in hand as standing on a podium making a plea for peace and progress. Intelligent. Strongly emotive. Compassionate. Elegant in movement and accent.

And really, is it such a stretch to go from a scientist warrior princess to ambassador warrior princess?

Now I'm not the only person to make the Collins-Wonder Woman connection. In fact, the actress has commented in a very recent Digital Spy interview about fan support for the (at this stage pure fantasy) casting.

Personally I'm putting my backing 100% behind this idea right now. Collins's beauty isn't conventionally delicate, and that's the way I've always imagined Wonder Woman. It's certainly the way the character's signature artist of the past 6 years, Terry Dodson, draws the world's first and greatest female superhero.

Hollywood, look at these images below, and please make my casting wish so!


Kevin said…
NO. Too manly looking and doesn't fit the physical appearance of WW.

Here's your WW: Alexandra Daddario (#wondario) - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1275259/

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