Girlz 'N' Games goes A-Team

Something a little different for today... Seeing as the big screen reimagining of classic, highly escapist, and much beloved 80's TV series The A-Team hits US cinemas tomorrow - and South African moviehouses on 20 August - I thought I'd post up this little piece of A-Team themed Girlz 'N' Games artwork that I drew while working on the webcomic's brand spanking new official site (still a project in progress at this point).

What was surprising was just how perfectly the GNG characters of Erin, Todd, Dorian and the Ex-Bok fit the roles of disguise-loving Hannibal Smith, compulsion-driven Mad Murdock, dashing ladies' man Face and surly, hulking BA Baracus, respectively. I had so much fun drawing this "dress-up" tribute that I may do more of them in future, time and ease of adaptation permitting.


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