The Mini Me Memorables experience

This post is result of a trade exchange between Mini Me Memorables and myself. Specifically, I was invited to create my own Mini Me in exchange for a review/feature based on the experience.

When it comes to buying geeky gifts, there’s no shortage of options these days. But is there really anything better than LEGO? It doesn’t matter how old you are – assembling and posing it always brings on the nostalgic warm fuzzies of childhood play.

Online retailer Mini Me Memorables takes the experience further by allowing you to create your own customised LEGO minifigure from their huge inventory of original, out the box parts. With the ability to add your own unique message, these are great as personalised birthday presents, quirky corporate gifts; even wedding cake toppers.

Most people seem to make a “mini me” of themselves or the gift recipient. Myself, I decided to make a LEGO Lara Croft (what a surprise!) for some desktop inspiration.

What quickly became apparent to me is that you want to set aside some time for creating your Mini Me. Like scrounging around in a tub of LEGO, a lot of fun comes from simply browsing the different galleries and selecting the perfect parts to assemble your figure. It’s a simple online store – don’t expect a real-time updated visual of your Mini Me as you make it. However, the shopping cart arranges the parts in a logical head to toe manner, and many pieces have been photographed from multiple angles, so you always have a good idea of how your creation will look.

If you don’t have time for meticulous crafting, or you can’t find a part you desperately want, you’re encouraged to email Mini Me Memorables, who will help you out. They’re a small company, and that means a highly personalised service. Not to mention an exceptionally fast response to queries. I didn’t contact them about apparently Out of Stock parts. With hindsight I would, though, as I receive the impression there’s a lot more stock available than what currently appears on the site.

Anyway, once my order was placed and shipped, the Mini Me arrived within essentially three days – fully assembled, and cushioned in a nifty little plastic tub. Along with a pleasant surprise!

When I placed my order I’d been concerned about how the figure would sit on the chosen display stand, given a bulky backpack accessory I’d selected. The stand-accessory combination wasn’t a problem, it turned out. The issue was a conflict between the figure’s long hair and the backpack. Mini Me Memorables took the initiative, explaining in a note that they’d swapped out the backpack for a quiver of arrows. In addition, they included a few other bonus Lara Croft-style accessories. Their choices were spot-on.

That’s service way beyond what I expected, and of course I was chuffed how my LEGO Lara – a Reboot-Classic hybrid of the character – turned out. There may not be any official Tomb Raider LEGO, sadly, but I think this little lady fills the gap quite well.

Mini Me Memorables is based in South Africa but ships worldwide, utilising PayPal for international orders. Check them out.


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