Peak Adulting! Rise of the Tomb Raider reenacted with LEGO

Just a little fun for today, following yesterday's post on making a custom LEGO minifigure through Mini Me Memorables. Well, after my little Lara Croft arrived, I did what most adults do: I used it as an excuse to haul out my childhood LEGO (the Knights and Castles stuff of course, because that was always the best!).

More specifically, I reenacted the third act of Rise of the Tomb Raider, because the Deathless Ones were far more challenging (and therefore satisfying) opponents than the military goons employed by Trinity.

Deathless Ones sighted. The Divine Source must lie beyond those gates.

Not advisable to go toe to toe with this frustratingly tough, armoured enemy, but what the hell...

The supreme satisfaction of taking these guys down!

Making sure to put all those skill points into the Brawler tree's brutal finishing moves.

Stealth kill XP bonus imminent.

More sneaky-sneaky satisfaction. Lara is clearly enjoying this a bit too much.


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