Reviews and Writings Recap: January and February edition

So what has been my writing output during the first two months of 2017? I can't show any of my novel progress - although I do now at least have some sweet commissioned art to help with the eventual promotion process.

Otherwise, it's been the usual combination of cross-media-spectrum reviews, features and fan fiction. Here's the full set of posts, articles and stories, and where to find them.

P.S. January started with the birth of all-encompassing entertainment and lifestyle website Critical Hit, the product of a merger between specialist sites (who I was associated with) and Check it out sometime.

Movie reviews:

Hidden Figures - A feel-good winner… with Maths [Critical Hit]
Fences - A powerfully-acted domestic drama [Critical Hit]
The Great Wall - Pretty. Stupid. Popcorn entertainment. [Critical Hit]
Fifty Shades Darker - A slight step up in quality [Critical Hit]
Rings - Just watch It Follows instead [Critical Hit]
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Ends with more of the same [Geek Node]
Allied - An odd bait-and-switch romantic thriller [Critical Hit]
Office Christmas Party - Enough comic talent makes this worthwhile. Just. [Critical Hit]
Hacksaw Ridge - Great acting, great war story, predictable execution [Critical Hit]
Sing - A feel-good, foot-tapping charmer [Critical Hit]

DVD reviews:

The 9th Life of Louis Drax - Calling fans of The Sixth Sense [Critical Hit]
Sausage Party - Out to shock, and that's kinda it [Critical Hit]

Movie previews:

Ghost in the Shell - Plug in [Gamecca Magazine]
Logan - Time's up, Old Man [Gamecca Magazine]
Resident Evil - The End is Nigh [Gamecca Magazine]

Comic and book reviews:

Sunstone - The BDSM romance you should read [Critical Hit]
Battlestar Galactica Classic Omnibus 1 [Geek Node]
Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever [The Archaeology of Tomb Raider]

News and miscellaneous articles:

The ten best Superman comic book artists [Critical Hit]
Movies out on DVD this February [Critical Hit]
Your first look at the new movie Lara Croft [Critical Hit]
The great second-hand board game sale [Critical Hit]
January DVD releases to add to your collection [Critical Hit]

Fan fiction

3 new chapters added to Living Legend - A Tomb Raider-Wonder Woman cross-over [ongoing]
R and R - A ficlet following on directly from Rise of the Tomb Raider [standalone]
Please - A voice message after the events of series-ending Tomb Raider comic #12 [standalone]


Anonymous said…
Love the ending tagline for your review of 'Sunstone.' Very true. :)

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