Trailer Tuesday: Lucy

Need a little more ass-kicking lady in your life? Then check out this trailer for Lucy, the latest from writer-director Luc Besson - he who has given the world such badass young women as La Femme Nikita, and The Fifth Element's Leeloo, not to mention such fan favourite action movies as Taken, The Transporter and The Professional. (His latest, The Family, not so much...)

Well, Besson remains on familiar crime actioner turf - but adds a superheroic/sci-fi spin - with this upcoming Scarlett Johansson starrer. In Lucy, the title character is unwillingly recruited in Taipei as a drug mule, only for the drug to leak in her body and unlock the full potential of her brain. It gives her such powers as instant knowledge absorption, telekinesis, immunity to pain and, evidently, the ability to alter her appearance at will. Also starring Morgan Freeman.

Disregard the eye-rolling stupidity of the premise. Lucy still looks like it's going to be stylish and gratifyingly violent revenge tale. Because, naturally, our heroine uses her new abilities to turn the tables on the drug lords who used and abused her when she was just a powerless girl. Misanthropes and feminists rejoice!

Lucy is out in North America on 8 August. The film's South African release date is currently set as 29 August.


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