Tomb Raider #4 out today & other comic series news

The fourth issue in the new Tomb Raider comic series from Dark Horse is out today. Buy it right now from their digital store, or app.

Written by Gail Simone and pencilled by Nicolas Daniel Selma, Issue #4 continues the adventures of video game heroine Lara Croft - who underwent reboot treatment in 2013. The new comic, like last year's game, depicts archaeologist Lara as a recent university graduate, a bookish 21 year old who comes to embrace her inner badass on the path to becoming a daredevil, pistol-packing adventurer.

Personally, I think the new take on the character should be known as Lara "Sorry not sorry" Croft...

Anyway, here's a five-page preview of Issue #4 to whet your appetite. It sees Lara making the trek from London back to the accursed island of Yamatai. In the process she gets to stick multiple men with sharp things, and rock a pretty awesome top while doing so.

The cover artwork for Tomb Raider Issue 5 (out on 25 June) and story arc-concluding Issue 6 (out 23 July) is as follows:

Finally, here's some exciting news reported by Tomb Raider Comics. From Issue #7, the comic will be co-scripted by Simone and Rhianna Pratchett, who was head writer on the 2013 game (and presumably is also working on the top secret sequel).

This is good news indeed because A) the Dark Horse comic is supposed to bridge the first and second games, and B) Simone has been fine but you can't beat a British writer for making a British character feel more authentic. Turns of phrase, attitudes to things, behaviour - it's something you can't convincingly ape from across the pond. You need some English blood in your veins. So here's to a wonderful collaboration between American Simone and British Pratchett.

For the record, this is the official plot synopsis for the next comic arc, which kicks off in August:
In the Tomb Raider #6 comic, Lara’s journey leads her to a place she thought she would never return to—the place of her nightmares—Yamatai!

A new story starts here in Issue #7. Lara Croft attempts to honor the past but is dragged into a dangerous new journey. A creepy amusement park and a mysterious woman with a personal connection to the terrifying events of Yamatai Island throw Lara's world into peril once again!
Poor girl just can't seem to get away from that damn island...


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