Movies out tomorrow: Prehistoric families, action heroes... and Miley!

It's the four-day Easter Long Weekend in South Africa, starting from tomorrow, so I'll be taking a break from blogging over the same time. Anyway, despite it being a holiday period, it's not exactly the greatest weekend for movie lovers, with just 4 films  - of varying degrees of quality - hitting South African cinemas. At least it's been easy to choose the pick of the new releases...

The Croods:
Screening in 2D and 3D is this animated comedy from DreamWorks Animation - their lone release of 2013. The likes of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener and Cloris Leachman provide voices for this tale of neanderthal family, headed up by an overprotective patriarch, that is forced out of their cave and into a risk-filled unknown world. Trailer Tuesday profile here.

Sitting with an aggregated review score of 67% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, The Croods is apparently colourful and action-packed, with moments of genuine wonder and a terrific voice cast. Its story remains simplistically primitive though and for some reason it's particularly heavy on dated mother-in-law jokes.

Jason Statham is back in his signature black-suit-no-tie for this crime thriller, about a professional thief who is betrayed by his crew and swears revenge. He ropes in Jennifer Lopez's real estate agent to help steal back his cut of a major jewellery robbery. The film is based on the 19th of 28 Parker novels by Richard Stark.

While Statham apparently isn't stretching himself here, Lopez introduces some fish-out-of-water silliness to what is otherwise your generic heist flick. Although it starts stronger than it finishes, Parker will provide for those who enjoy super slick violence with a touch of wit. 39% Fresh.

So Undercover:
This action comedy went straight to DVD in the US, but lucky for us, we get to watch  Miley Cyrus's latest on the big screen. Whoo! Cyrus plays a young, street-smart detective who is hired by the FBI to masquerade as a sorority girl... all to protect the daughter of a former mobster. With Jeremy Piven and Mike O'Malley.

Think safe and sitcom-y when it comes to So Undercover. I imagine it's not laughably bad, just resoundingly unremarkable in every single aspect. If you're not 11, you'll probably be bored. 7% Fresh.

To the Power of Anne:
I'm not quite sure who the intended audience is for this South African comedy biopic in the reality TV style. Former A-list actress-singer Anne Power (who now?) plays herself, struggling to find work as a middle-aged woman in an age-obsessed entertainment industry. Who knows what this is like?


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